SINK OVERFLOWS – the most unsanitary place in your bathroom!

So you have an odour in your bathroom sink? Well you are not alone! Most often it’s coming from your sink overflow cavity.

In the early development of the WATERDRILLS® DRAIN OPENER, I went door to door on a marketing campaign.  I bet I knocked on over 800 doors! I would ask to demonstrate the product and since most homes had no clog at that particular moment, I would do a demonstration in their bathroom sink overflow cavity.

I was surprised by the same question that kept popping up.  “How did all that black sludge get in there when my sink has never overflowed?” Think about it this way… every time you put the plug in your sink, whether to wash your face, shave, etc., then remove the plug, all that dirty water has to go somewhere.  The force of the water wanting to flow down the drain, pushes some of that filthy water back up into the overflow through the little holes located in your drain opening.

This makes the sink overflow cavity one of the most unsanitary places in your bathroom.  It not only breeds germs and bacteria, but creates a haven for drain flies. No wonder you have an odour in your bathroom sink! Let me warn you, that the odour that comes out, will knock your socks off!

Most of us are not plumbers and therefore believe the use of the overflow in our sink is to help prevent floods. I know I did. I never gave any thought to this part of the sink until I invented the WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER. I was testing the tool on all the drains in my home and inserted the tubing into the cavity just to see what it would do. And let me tell you, I was both surprised and disgusted by what came out. You can actually clog your sink 2-3 times from the amount of debris that will flow out of this cavity. Of course this depends on the age of your sink.

I would also like to mention, I did run into homeowners who were aware of the overflow cavities and tried to clean them.  Some poured bleach down and others went a more natural way with vinegar and baking soda. This helped with the odour, but did nothing to remove the build-up of debris.  The only difference when I demonstrated the WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER for them, was that the sludge coming out was white instead of black! I guess it all boils down to your definition of clean.

I recommend that after cleaning your overflow cavity, sprinkle a little baking soda (1 tsp) inside. Take your WaterDrill and give it a little squirt. Just enough to spread the baking soda around. This will help disinfect and remove any remaining odour. A little care will prolong the life of both your drains and your fixtures!

So think WaterDrills, Let the Water Flow!