TIRED OF SLOW FLOWING DRAINS? Throw away that coat hanger!

Are you ready for the Christmas Holidays? Not only is this one of the busiest times of the year, but this is when most family and friends come together and play catch up.  So if you are expecting a full house, the last thing you need is a slow flowing toilet.  With just a few minutes of your time, you can ensure that when you need to count on your toilet the most, it stands up to the challenge.  Lets not just stock the bathroom for guests, a little maintenance goes a long way!

I’m sure we have all experienced a drain clog or two over the years, and are aware of the importance of maintaining our drains, but do we know how to maintain our toilet? Do we really know what causes a slow flowing toilet? If you have ruled out a clog in your toilet and it is still not flowing properly, most likely your problem is bacterial and mineral deposits. Especially, if you live in an area with hard water.

So if not a toilet clog, then where do the minerals and bacteria accumulate?

Cleaning Flush Holes in Toilet Bowl

Easily remove bacterial and mineral deposits using your WaterDrills® Drain Opener.

There are two ways in which water flows into your toilet bowl, either by the flush holes located up inside the rim of your toilet or a hole located in the bottom of your toilet that also allows the water from your tank to flow in. This hole actually provides most of the flushing power and usually builds-up minerals easily.

In order to make sure solids properly get flushed down the toilet, there has to be sufficient water present in the bowl.  When these holes become clogged or partially clogged due to mineral build-up, it takes more time for the bowl to fill up with water.  If you’re like me, when my business is done, I’m done! I don’t have time to stand around waiting for my toilet to fill up before flushing!

So if you find yourself having more toilet clogs than usual, the first thing I’d do is check your flush holes.  You can do this by flushing your toilet and watching carefully to the stream of water flowing from these holes.  If the water is running straight down instead of shooting out diagonally around the bowl, your flush holes may be partially clogged.

Up until recently, methods for trying to clean these holes would include, using such items as coat hangers, awls, paper clips, screw drivers, etc. to try and scratch the minerals off.  I discovered a very informative step to step guide on using a coat hanger here.

The most scariest recommendation I found was to use Muriatic acid with this warning following:  MA is not to be taken lightly even though you can buy it down at the hardware store or big-box. You do not want to breathe the vapors as they will burn the lungs. Open a window in the room, use a fan and hold your breath for good measure. Goggles are best and if you get any on your skin or clothes….get it flushed off with water ASAP. Mind the drippings from your funnel when you remove it as MA can/will eat into many different materials. Ummm just saying, this is definitely not a choice in my household!  But if you choose this method, please hire a professional.

The WaterDrills® Drain Opener is an environmentally friendly, safe solution for clogged drains. It uses only water right from your faucet at normal household water pressure. You now have a choice to easily clean and maintain your flush holes without damaging your plumbing fixtures or worrying about the risks involved with using caustic chemicals.  The WaterDrills® Drain Opener in not just for clogged drains!  Used as a maintenance tool, you can easily rid all your fixture drains from bacterial and mineral deposits. For more information and to read customer testimonials on this product, visit the WaterDrills.ca.

If you would like to see videos of the WaterDrills Drain Opener in use, check out WaterDrills YouTube Channel.

So think WaterDrills, Let the Water Flow!


Hello and welcome to my very first blog. Don’t leave yet, I haven’t mentioned my subject matter. Clogged Drains! I know a topic that everyone is just dying to read all about. If someone would have told me in the beginning of my career that CLOGGED DRAINS would become my speciality, I probably would have said “just kill me now!” Who knew just how exciting it would turn out to be!

I won’t pretend that I know anything regarding blogging or profess to know what I am doing. This will be another learning curve I will try to overcome in the everyday challenges of running a business. Not an easy one, but on all accounts, very important in today’s evolving social media world. To learn more on this topic, here are a couple of sites to help you out WePost Media and HubSpot.

I have done my research and have read countless professional blogs.  My hat goes off to the authors, and the process in which they discover their content. I have tried this route myself. I locked myself in my office for countless hours, but ended up only staring at a blank screen. I came to the conclusion that if I was going to give this a try, it would have to be a story. Please hang with me during my learning curve and I welcome, but never obligate, any feedback or tips to throw my way. So here it goes…..

After finishing business school, I met my late husband, David, who was a design engineer and specialized in Water Cutting Technology. I was hired as an office manager but found myself spending more time in the lab getting my hands dirty. I was fascinated that water could cut through concrete and also found it very exciting to be on the cutting edge of technology. Our Water Cutters can be found in both Canada and the United States from cutting ceiling tiles to deboning chickens. With years of experience working by his side, I came up with the idea that there must be a way to shrink down the technology by using everyday household water pressure to develop a tool for homeowners. The concept behind the WATERDRILLS® DRAIN OPENER was born! Now Patented in Canada and soon to be in the United States.

Being a mother of four, having clogged drains in my home has become more of the norm instead of an occasional inconvenience.  I have tried every method possible over the years, and yes, even the dreaded caustic drain chemicals. Check out David Suzuki Foundation to learn more about the dangers of using caustic drain chemicals.

While there are various remedies on the market, the WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER provides a novel and superior solution in virtually every household and business with indoor plumbing as well as cottages, boats and RVs. Most homes do not have any apparatus for efficiently unstopping or cleaning a blocked or slow running sink drain, especially when the blockage occurs in the pipes down stream from the sink. Present solutions to this common problem, include plungers, plumber’s snakes, which often require professional assistance in disassembly of the plumbing which could lead to costly plumbing bills, and most commonly, caustic and environmentally dangerous drain chemicals.

There has been little innovation to address this common household problem over the years.  Most development has been in the direction of reducing (but far from eliminating) the environmental damage done by using drain cleaning chemicals. The do-it-yourself homeowner is always seeking ways to solve typical household problems without hiring professional assistance. This trend combined with the increasing need for safer and environmentally friendly solutions for everyday problems, positions the WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER nicely in the current market place and for the foreseeable future.

The WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER makes drain maintenance easy, preventing costly repairs down the road. Instead of just putting up with slow draining sinks, homeowners can now easily maintain free flowing drains in all fixtures.

The WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER is a unique, easy to use, tool for unclogging sink, bathtub and toilet drains. In addition it provides an easy method for cleaning out sink overflows. Not only does this Tool do a better job unclogging drains than all chemicals and tools combined, it is user friendly for both men and women.

The WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER uses only water right from your faucet at normal household pressure. Therefore, it uses no chemicals which makes it completely environmentally friendly and safe for septic systems!  Not only can it be used in emergency situations when a clog occurs, but it can be used as a preventative maintenance tool for mineral accumulation in standard house fixtures such as Jet tubs, Showers Heads, Sink Overflows and Toilet Bowls. No more using a coat hanger to free up the mineral buildup inside the rim of your toilet.

The WATERDRILLS DRAIN OPENER now retails for under $20.00 Canadian. The reasonable cost of this product makes it very competitive with existing drain cleaning chemicals currently on the market, therefore allowing virtually every household to have one. This reusable tool provides a permanent solution for household drain clogs and preventative maintenance and fills today’s demand for products that eliminate environmental pollution.

I have attached EWG Cleaners Database 2012 Hall of Shame if you wish to learn more about what other dangerous household chemicals you have lurking under your kitchen sink.