How do you pack for your trip? IF IT WORKS, DON’T MESS WITH IT!

Nova Scotia Christmas Tree Donated to Boston

I was planning my up coming trip to Boston and was very excited to be attending a Trade Mission to introduce the WaterDrills® Drain Opener into the United States market, with my business partner, Jim. Even though our schedule would be very tight, I still wanted to see the Nova Scotia Christmas Tree that we deliver every year because of their help in the Halifax Explosion.

How many of us go on a trip and pack our entire wardrobe? That’s me! I always end up with an extra bag to check and normally my carry on is filled with every pair of shoes I own. I love to be prepared, and besides, who knows when your lucky shoes might just be the thing that lands you the big deal!

I have received a lot of criticism from both family and friends over the years about my excessive packing ritual. But not this time! I decided I was going to pack smart. I even planned a week ahead where normally I’m packing the day I’m leaving.

So here was my brilliant plan:

  1. I would only take a carry on, my laptop and purse. (no waiting for baggage)
  2. I would plan my outfits around one pair of high heel dress boots. (just in case it snowed)
  3. I would pack four business outfits for my three day stay. (One spare in case of an emergency)
  4. I would leave the extra shoes home. (little to no walking required)

Isn’t it funny how the most dumb things we do in life have all started out as such great plans!

My journey began when my original Air Canada direct flight got cancelled and they now had me flying into Montreal and then on to Boston. On arrival in Montreal, I had a few words with the pilot and when I told him I needed to catch my connection to Boston, he just smiled and said I better start walking. Oh no, this didn’t sound good. So I After strapping my laptop bag to my over stuffed carry on, I grabbed my purse and began my 20 minute hike through the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

You know when you love a pair of boots and they don’t have your exact size, you think, no problem, I’ll just have to wear an extra pair of socks. Just a tip, make sure you bring the socks! By the time I cleared customs, my feet were killing me and I started to question just how brilliant my plan really was.

On arrival in Boston, I breezed through the airport into my waiting car.  It was great because I didn’t have to wait for baggage. Jim and I attended our meetings and finished up for the day around 6, leaving us enough time to head out in search of the Christmas Tree, which Jim said was near by.  We planned on seeing the tree and then dinner at Cheers. I thought, “another well thought out plan!” Only if I thought to bring walking shoes! But by all accounts, this wouldn’t be a problem because we didn’t have far to walk. Jim and I hit the streets of downtown Boston.

Thank you to the fabulous folks of Boston. Everyone we asked, stopped and took the time to give us directions, some sending us off exploring other parts of the city. One couple even had us follow them, right to the wrong tree. But we thanked them anyways. So after walking over 2 hours, normally a 10-15 min. walk, we found the Nova Scotia Christmas Tree. In hindsight, a map might have been a good idea or fully charged iphone because after all that, we still had to find Cheers and our way back to the hotel!

I am very happy to say that my feet survived this expedition and as a treat for my hardship, I bought new boots before returning home. Not only did we have a very successful Trade Mission, we were very fortunate to see most of downtown Boston and I also learned a very valuable lesson….If it works, don’t mess with it! So to all the travellers out there that get heckled for over packing, I say….always be prepared!  Travel Tips may have helped me!